Don’t you just love this picture?!

Look at their enthusiasm
…  determination
…  speed
all coming into YOUR classroom!

Do you ever have mornings that feel chaotic as all those energetic and undirected students rush in?  I know I sure did!

After years of frustration with the chaos of my mornings with the students, I found 2 routines that tamed – not squelched – tamed and directed … that enthusiasm and ensuing chaos as they come into YOUR classroom! 

TIP #1 Classroom Management with Morning Message Slides​

As the students enter the classroom, you don’t have to say a word. Everything they need to know is on the slide that’s projected on the board. If students come to you and ask a question – just direct them to the slide (with a smile).
Just project the PowerPoint slide every morning as the students arrive.  They can quickly see what they need to do to prepare for the day – and you have a few moments to take roll, lunch count, or any other morning responsibilities that you may have.
This totally transformed my mornings!  The students became self-directed, motivated and productive!
And it was a snap for me to create every day – much easier – and cuter – than writing it on the whiteboard every day.
If you would like to give this a try – you can download it – for free – just click on the picture below.
The slides are editable so you can easily add what you need to for each new day!
Many of the slides contain growth mindset phrases to inspire your students each day.
Click on the picture below and transform your mornings!

Here are more great Morning Work

Editable Slides to checkout!

TIP #2 Classroom Management with Music

Isn’t there just something wonderful about music and the effect it has on us?  Well, let’s us that in our classroom!
Play music as your students enter the classroom help them transition and refocus their attention! Try a morning playlist with a variety of tempos:
  • Quiet music on Mondays when their energy is high.
  • Lively music for the Fridays (and the day after a field trip).
  • Variety of tempos in between.


You will find even more Morning Work Editable Slides in my Free Resource Library!


I hope these 2 tips and the FREE morning slides will help you ‘tame your morning chaos’!


My name is Peggy Means. I am a child of God and a retired elementary teacher. I loved teaching and creating engaging resources for my students. Now, I love sharing my resources and ideas with busy teachers around the world.

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