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Paragraph Writing Resources for Every Month

Paragraph Writing Resources for Every Month

You know how frustrating it is when your students are not growing in their writing skills. I have been there too!! That’s why I created these paragraph writing resources for teachers. Learning the steps to the writing process will enable your students to write well developed paragraphs and grow in their confidence in sharing their thoughts and feelings in writing.  Read more about the writing process HERE.
I found that teaching the writing process and providing motivating opportunities to write brought amazing improvement in their writing skills and their enjoyment in communicating through writing.  
And I finally felt like I was actually equipping them with an important skill that they would be able to use for the rest of their lives!
It was that need for motivating writing opportunities with differentiated resources that compelled me to create this year-long bundle of paragraph resources.
So if you are needing resources (like I was) to keep your students writing all through the year . . . this writing resource is for you!
Each month includes these components with motivating monthly themes:
  • Vocabulary Picture Cards & Picture Pages
  • Pictures for Customizing Graphic Organizers
  • Journal Writing: Cover & 3 Page Styles
  • Informational/Explanatory Writing 
  • Research Writing
  • Opinion Writing 
  • Narrative Writing
  • Publishing Papers (over 15 choices)

Picture Vocabulary

These fun vocabulary cards come in two sizes and are perfect for your word wall or writing center.  These pages are designed for using in your students’ journals or writing folders.

Picture Cards

Your students will love to choose their writing topics and have their imaginations sparked with the monthly-themed picture cards.  Or you can assign the writing topic and students have the cards to use.

5 Writing Genres for Every Month!

1.  Journal Writing

Every month you have everything you need for your students’ journals: a cute cover and many paper choices.  This is a perfect place to put the monthly vocabulary so your students always have a source of ideas to write about.

2.  Informational/Explanatory Writing

Everything you need to guide your little writers through the informational/explanatory writing genre:
  • Graphic organizers for pre-writes
  • Rough Draft organizers
  • Space for students to glue or draw their topics

3.  Research Writing

These resources are perfect for researching a variety of topics each month!
You will have two styles of graphic organizers:
  • Pre-writes for gathering research facts and ideas
  • Rough draft for organizing research into paragraph form.

4. Narrative Writing

Each month you will have two graphic organizers:
  • Personal Narrative
  • Narrative

5.  Opinion Writing

Do your students love to share their opinions?  Mine sure did!
These graphic organizers will give them the structure to  share and support their opinions:
  • Graphic organizers for the pre-write
  • Rough draft organizer to develop their opinions into paragraph form

Self-Publishing Papers

Your little writers have worked hard to get their writing to the publishing step!  You will be able to provide them with a wide variety of fun papers to choose from!   Each month will have monthly-themed graphics to choose from and a variety of formats:
  • Solid lines
  • Dotted lines
  • Space for illustrations
  • Horizontal and vertical orientations

Here is what some happy teachers are saying about these writing resources:

“Thank you for all your work in creating these! I love monthly themed bundles and these are so easy and practical to use!” – Rose
“Thanks. Need to do more writing but never know where to start. This is awesome!” -Kim
“This is an absolutely wonderful resource for teaching writing. I love all of the options it provided – the graphic organizers are great and I got many compliments from other teachers on them.” – Martha
Click on the image below to get those little writers going – month.after.month.after.month.
You will love the BUNDLE BONUS!
Are you looking for a way to reduce distractions for your little writers and have writing tools at their fingertips?  Check out this post on WRITING OFFICES and see how those problems are solved.
If you find yourself nagging reminding your student to edit their writing – call the COPS – seriously – CLICK HERE to check out my blog post on that!
Would you like to ‘test drive’ a month from this bundle?  Just fill in the form below and I will deliver it directly to your inbox.

I believe these paragraph resources will help your little writers flourish!

Are you struggling to improve your students' paragraph writing skills? These high-interest monthly writing resources with give them the practice they need to write well-organized paragraphs! #paragraph, #paragraphwriting, #studentwriting, #teacherspayteachers, #teaching, #homeschool
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