Springtime is upon us!!!!! And that means it's time for ‘life' in the classroom.  Are you studying life cycles this spring?
If you are, you will love Gail Gibbons's book Chicks and Chickens! It is filled with fascinating details about chickens and amazing illustrations.
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Gail Gibbon's non-fiction books are the perfect launching pad to weave learning across the curriculum.   Here are a few ways to use this book:


Her books are loaded with nonfiction text features, so let's go on a nonfiction text feature hunt! Your student will love searching through the book for ‘just one more'!


Writing a paragraph about the life cycle of a chicken can be a little overwhelming to some students.  However, teaching them that writing is a process and providing graphic organizers to lead them through it will result in happy little writers with amazing paragraphs!
Students will then have writing skills to apply to new writing opportunities.

This 4-flap booklet makes the perfect (and cute) organizer for collecting information about the chicken's life cycle stages. When students have completed the pre-write flap book, the rough draft will be a snap with this graphic organizer.

Who wouldn't be eager to write a rough draft using the pre-write flap book and this graphic organizer, which even has suggested transitions?

(And did I say cute?!)

And now (drum roll, please), your students are ready to publish!  I have provided two options for the publishing step – we all love a choice – right?!


Boosts Problem-Solving and Critical Thinking: Making new words from a longer word is like solving a fun puzzle! It helps kids think critically and figure out which letter combinations work. This kind of brain exercise makes them better at solving problems and thinking on their feet.


It's always fun for students to have a new math game to go with the chicks!

Check out these engaging chick-themed Addition Bump Games!

These Chick Addition Bump games will help your students practice the math facts as they focus on 10 addition strategies..

Two games are included in the FREE download.

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Additional Activities & Resources

We've been doing science!  Your students learned so much about science while they were reading Chicks & Chickens and writing!

Do you want to delve deeper into science with chickens?  
The adventure of hatching chicks is awaiting you. Hop on over to this blog post, Hatching Chicks 101, to find out how.

There are a couple of freebies over there for you, too.

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My name is Peggy Means. I am a child of God and a retired elementary teacher. I loved teaching and creating engaging resources for my students. Now, I love sharing my resources and ideas with busy teachers around the world.

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