November provides so many fun thematic teaching opportunities!  Books are a great way to introduce standards in multiple curricular areas. 

A Turkey for Thanksgiving is a delightful story about the Moose family at Thanksgiving.  The whimsical illustrations are totally engaging and add a sweet charm to this story.

How to Use it in Your Classroom

BEFORE READING: Making Predictions & Accessing Schema​

Before you read the story, help the students access their prior knowledge of Thanksgiving:

  • How does your family celebrate Thanksgiving?
  • Do you have any special foods at Thanksgiving?
  • Do you have special guests come for Thanksgiving?




The story begins with Mrs. Moose getting reading for Thanksgiving dinner and wishing she had a ‘turkey for Thanksgiving.  Mr. Moose is determined that she shall have her turkey and sets out to find one for her.


  • Why do you think Mrs. Moose wants a ‘turkey for Thanksgiving?
  • Why do most people want a ‘turkey for Thanksgiving?

Give each of your students a copy of the Free Book Companion Flap book for them to write or draw about the story's:

  • Beginning
  • Middle
  • End



Mr. Moose is joined by many friends in his search.


  • Does it look like Mr. Turkey wants to be found?
  • What are the clues from the picture that make you think that?


(He is hiding and has posted signs to deter the hunters.)



There is a surprise ending when Mr. Moose brings home the turkey for Thanksgiving!  

Your students will be quite relieved as Mr. Turkey is invited to join the family and friends AT the dinner table, not FOR dinner.

AFTER READING: Reflecting & Extending Learning

Use the Free Book Companion to launch various Thanksgiving cross-curricular activities. (See below to find it.)
Reading: Retelling the story
Spelling: Word making with the word: Thanksgiving
Poetry: Acrostic Poem
Math: Turkey Fractions
Math: Addition BUMP

Extending Learning

This fun story can provide great motivation to learn in other academic areas!  I love to start with a story because the students' imaginations have been activated and that enhances learning!



The Turkey Fractions activity is one of my favorite fall activities and is part of a larger unit on fractions.  Click on the picture below to see more of this creative way to incorporate math into this busy time of year.

These Turkey fractions also make a stunning fall bulletin board!

Are you looking for an engaging Fall Craftivity with educational value!

Here it is! Your students will love interacting with fractions with this hands-on turkey feather fraction craftifity!

I have also included 2 Anchor Posters to use as you review/teach fractions. If your time is limited, I have included a quick print & make option.

Task Cards – don’t you love the flexibility of task cards!? They can be used for so many engaging activities!

  • Math Centers
  • Solve the Room / Math Movers
  • Scoot
  • Quiz Quiz Trade
  • Differentiate
  • Enrichment
  • Around the World
  • Use with Game Boards
  • Early finishers


Your students need more practice with their addition and multiplication math facts in a fun and engaging way.

Most kids hate practicing math facts, but with these games, they won't even realize they're learning!

These games are so much fun, your students will forget they're practicing math. Plus, there's no grading required!


Check out these Addition & Multiplication Turkey BUMP Games!

Check this page out for more ways to motivate your students using the Fall and Thanksgiving theme.


My name is Peggy Means. I am a child of God and a retired elementary teacher. I loved teaching and creating engaging resources for my students. Now, I love sharing my resources and ideas with busy teachers around the world.

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