Is it possible to have a classroom party and not have to scrape the students off the ceiling?  I promise you, that YES IT IS!  It's all about the battle party plan!
And I am here to help you get ready so that not just your kids will enjoy the party – so will you  (without the aspirin) (or the Zanex) ;).
So here are 3 tips for a stress-free classroom party:

#1 Stress-Free Party Tip: PRE-PARTY PREP

I have learned from experience that turning parties over to parents can often be disastrous.  So for my sanity and desire to give the students a great party – I plan it – parents DO NOT PLAN – they are your worker bees – you are the queen bee!
I only enlist parental help after I know what I want.
To get organized ahead of time, I use an organizer for my parties to avoid forgetting something important.  (One year, I forgot to put ice cream on the list for our ice-cream sundaes – YIKES!)
Decide what Valentine's crafts, games, activities, and decorations you will include.  With a plan in hand, you can now delegate to some marvelous parents who love to help.
(If you would like this planner, you will find the link below.)
Gather all materials for each activity.   I like to put each in a tub or box – so in the thick of the battle party, you can just grab it and be ready.

#2 Stress-Free Party Tip: Have a PARTY PLAN

The party plan:  
Starts slow with individual activity.
Gets a little wild (but controlled) with group games
Quiets back down with a partner and small group games
And ends with the BANG!  
(And then they fly out the door to their own homes.)
You have a plan – but remember to be flexible.  If a game you thought they would love is not being enjoyed – change it!
This is the general sequence my parties have:
  • Easy Craft – whole group
  • Bingo Game – whole group
  • Minute-to-Win-It Games
  • Partner or Small Group Games
  • Refreshments & Valentine's Opening
Once those Valentines and refreshments are out – the kids are GONE!  
So that brings me to my 3rd tip:

#3 Stress-Free Party Tip: Have a QUIET SIGNAL

You can be Prepared, Have a Plan, and still have a crazy party…. You need to be able to quickly get the partiers' attention to give instructions for the next activity on your plan.  And if you have a signal, you can do that without shouting.
So what is your signal going to be?
  • a bell
  • a clap pattern that they echo
  • a phrase they echo
  • or your favorite signal
Whatever your signal – be sure that it is something that has been agreed to, taught, and practiced before the party!
You have your
  • Valentine Party PRE-PARTY PREP DONE
  • you have a PLAN
  • you have SIGNAL
Do you need more:
If yes…. check these out…

Valentine Party Resources

Here is everything you need for a stress-free Valentine's Party!

  • Teacher Tips
  • Valentine Planner
  • Valentine Reward Tags
  • ‘Love' Banner
  • Valentine Snack Bag Toppers
  • ‘Luv Bug' Valentine Craft or Mail Bag
  • Valentine Cards to make (Color and Black & White)
  • 36 Unique Valentine Bingo Cards (Large & Small)
  • 12 Valentine Puzzles
  • Valentine Tic-Tac-Heart
  • Heads Up – Hearts Up
  • Valentine Left-Right-Center
  • Valentine's Party Minute-to-Win-It Games

What are Teachers Saying?

This was super easy to plan a party! My students loved the games and I loved the ease of printing and partying!

This is AMAZING!!!! You thought of everything when you created this packet!! Love it!

I love the cute graphics used in this pack. It made our class Valentine's Day party so easy. The students loved the Bingo game. Thanks!

Valentine Math Resources

Use your students' enthusiasm for Valentine's Day to provide fun math activities!

Color-by-Code NO PREP worksheets are always a great way to integrate curriculum content with a special day!

These are perfect for Valentine's Day and the days leading up to Valentine's Day.

Need some no-prep, engaging seatwork for your students during some of your winter days? Your students will love these Valentine-themed color-by-code worksheets.

They will be getting that essential, non-threatening practice they need for multiplication fact mastery – and they will be engaged!!!

Imagine your students engaged and asking for more math fact practice! That's what happens with you giving them these fun Valentine Color-by-Code subtraction worksheets. They will be engaged and getting that essential math fact fluency practice simultaneously!

Your kids LOVE doing these color-by-code pages!  And you have the satisfaction that they are learning and practicing essential skills!


After the party – look over your plan – reflect: 

  • What worked?
  • What do you wish you had done differently?
  • What did not work?
  • Jot it down and file it with your resources for next year.
Next year will be even better!

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My name is Peggy Means. I am a child of God and a retired elementary teacher. I loved teaching and creating engaging resources for my students. Now, I love sharing my resources and ideas with busy teachers around the world.

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