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Your students will love playing these games together and learning their math facts at the same time!

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Reading Fluency with an App

Are you needing a new and engaging way to provide opportunities for your students to develop reading fluency? If you are, you will love this activity using technology! Why is Reading Fluency Important? Reading fluency is an important building block in the development of a strong reader. Research shows that the more a passage is read, the more fluent the…

Reflect & Refresh

June 8, 2015

Hey Friends!  Summer is upon us and a perfect time to reflect on our year, while it is still fresh in our minds and hearts.  This is actually the end of the first year that I have not been in the classroom (after teaching for over 40 wonderful years!) These are my reflections from the summer before my last year…

Ninja Bump Multiplication

May 16, 2015

One of the secrets to mastering the multiplication facts is PRACTICE – PRACTICE – PRACTICE Games are such an effective and engaging way to develop math fact fluency!   This Ninja ‘Kick It’ game is sure to be a hit with your students! It is ready to go – Print & Play! Just choose color or black and white. I…

3 Tips for a Stress-Free Valentine’s Party

February 7, 2015

Is it possible to have a classroom party and not have to scrape the students off the ceiling? I promise you, that YES IT IS! It’s all about the battle party plan! And I am here to help you get ready so that not just your kids will enjoy the party – so will you  (without the aspirin) (or the…

What Shall We Give Him?

December 3, 2014

That is the question we asked ourselves!  After all it is His birthday – so what gift can we give to Him? We read this precious story of Papa Panov who also wanted to give Jesus a gift. He discovered the truth from Matthew 25:37-40  The people asked …when had they… fed Him  or given Him drink,  or invited Him…


My name is Peggy Means. I am a child of God and a retired elementary teacher. I loved teaching and creating engaging resources for my students. Now, I love sharing my resources and ideas with busy teachers around the world.

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